alternative routes
1995 Phase 1 Preliminary Alternatives Development

Five preliminary alternatives have been developed between RT. 22 and I-79.
All alternatives share a common interchange location with RT. 22 between the existing Bavington and Champion interchanges. Along I-79, the interchange for the Blue Alternatives (B-1 / B-2 / B-3) is located near the Allegheny / Washington County line and the interchange for the Red Alternatives (R-1 / R-2) is located between Canonsburg and Southpointe.

Alternative B-1 heads south from RT. 22, crosses Quicksilver (QS) facility near its' RT. 980 entrance, bypasses McDonald to the north and east with a proposed interchange at RT. 980, runs parallel to the county line within Allegheny County, interchanges with RT. 50, and on to its' interchange with I-79

Alternative B-2 is similar in alignment to B-1 with the exception of bypassing McDonald to the south and west with an interchange at Noblestown Road instead of RT. 980.

Alternative B-3 is similar to B-2 with the exception of a western route around the Quicksilver facility prior to interchanging with Noblestown Road and bypassing McDonald to the west and south.

Alternative R-1 heads south from RT. 22 crosses the Quicksilver facility at its' RT. 980 entrance, interchanges with Noblestown Road between Midway and McDonald, interchanges with Rt. 50 to the west of RT. 980, crosses RT. 980 heading eastwardly between Cecil towncenter and Muse, and on to its' I-79 interchange between Southpointe and Canonsburg.

Alternative R-2 is similar in alignment to R-1 with the exception of bypassing the Quicksilver facility to the west.